How It Works

Home-made, Hygienic & Tasteful Lunch to your Place …


This page explains you the steps through which you can easily place your order online with us. In order to place it, at first, you are requested to open an account with us. This will take some time. Below are simple steps to follow:

 In Home page scroll to the mid of the page and you will see the line “Lunch2Place in just 3 steps”. Below this line click the Tab named New Account. You will be redirected to New Account Form.

 Now kindly fill in your details (remember to include Full Name) and then click “Send” (screenshot attached herewith as an example). If you are referred by our another consumer then kindly fill his details in “For Referral Discount”(we will confirm your reference then will allocate you the discount as well):

Now check your e-mail account which you have given us in account opening form as your authorized e-mail address. Further process (including minimum security deposit) along with necessary details will be mentioned in this email.

Fulfill the requirement and email the required details to

We will then provide you the “Access Code” through which you can order online.

After getting your “Access Code” go to our website Home page, scroll down to mid of the page and click “New Order” Tab under the line “Lunch2Place in just 3 Steps”. You will be redirected to New Order Form. Kindly fill in your details and click “Send” (screenshot attached herewith):

Our each Meal serves 4 persons
and cost just Rs. 562* only

  • Refer persons and get Discounts
  • Earn Reward Points on your purchasing here