About Us

About Lunch2Place(L2P)

It is the home-made, hygienic & tasteful lunch to your own place and that is what Lunch2Place(L2P) is dedicated to provide. We provide the ultimate meals for the food loving nation. Be it original recipe Mix vegetable, Biryani or hot n spicy Macroni… Every bite brings a Yum on your face.

Food, taste and hygiene are the essentials with which Motiwala Foods is leading the market since its inception.
And NOW… Motiwala Foods is offering the amazing meal at astoundingly affordable prices through its brand Lunch2Place™(L2P) ..

Lunch2Place’s mission is to bring the consumer superior quality and excellence of service, since we listen to our consumers. At L2P, our every consumer is a VIP.

About Motiwala Foods®(MF)

Motiwala Foods is a part of Motiwala Group serving in food industry. The Group is involved in several activities that include facilitating education, upliftment of skillful individuals/groups as part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Extending upon this vision Motiwala Foods continues to bring good quality food, to your doorstep now, at astoundingly affordable price under its brand name “Lunch2Place™” so can every individual be benefited in the best possible manner.

Principles of Motiwala Foods®(MF)

  • CREDIBILITY: Being regarded by or stakeholders as being reliable source.
  • CHARACTER: Conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity and spirit.
  •  COMMUNICATION: Facilitating free flow of information about our activities. Always voicing our opinion and sharing our concerns.
  • CREDITWORTHINESS: Total honesty in our dealings, as financially responsible.
  • COMMITMENT: Always seeking to be true to our word, but doing what we do with energy and determination.
  • CARING: Doing what we do with a deep commitment to quality and bearing in mind the opinion of others.

Our each Meal serves 4 persons
and cost just Rs. 562* only

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